Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Photo Contest and Sneak Peek

Please go take a look at my AMAZING photographer's blog. She is holding a fun new contest so go take a look and enter to win some great pictures! Oh and there is a sneak peek photo posted from my wedding! YAY!!


Venue Set Up

I forgot to add the venue set up pictures to the last post. The day before the wedding my my fabulous posse and I headed to the Courtyard to set up for the wedding. There was so much to be done. I went to get my hair cut so I didn't really do much, all the credit goes to some very lovely ladies who I love very very much. Thank you Mom, Terry, Bryn and Laura. You guys are AWESOME! Also a big thank you to Christiana at the Courtyard who was there every step of the way and who was of course a huge help.

After the setup we all had to rush to get ready for the rehearsal...what a day. I'll post rehearsal pictures in my next post.

These pictures were taken by my sister in law Bryn...thank you so much, they are amazing!

Place cards

Favor boxes



Me in the back ground "barking orders" lol

Mom and Ms Terry hard at work

Love those candelabras

Place settings

Pre Wedding Madness

The week leading up to my wedding was incredibly busy. We had to finish guest bags, escort cards, favors, go to my last dress fitting, start the recpetion set up and of course get our nails done. Here are pictures documenting the crazy last few days before the wedding day.

Ms Terry and Mom up late finishing the escort cards

My Mommy sewing in my dress tag at my final fitting

Still sewing
All done

My very special dress tag, that my Mommy hand sewed into my dress...also my something blue

Kristen, me, Laura and Bryn on our way to the nail salon

Kristen and Mom


Laura and Ms Terry

Nice Kristen ;)
Me and my sisters...super tired after nails but headed to the venue to start the setup.

Bachelorette Dinner

First of all..I'M MARRIED! YAY! Ok now we can move on the blogging portion of this blog ;)

As you all know I was forced to cancel my bachelorette party because I was deathly ill the week before my wedding. My lovely and wonderful best friend, Kristen felt so bad for me that she stepped up in true bestie fashion and rallied the troops for a last minute bachelorette dinner. We had the nicest dinner at Kona Grill, then went hot tubing at my parents house afterward. After my insane sickness I was only able to drink one glass of wine, but as the pictures show, one was enough...clearly being sick has made me a lightweight. Here are some pictures of my dinner. Kristen, I can never thank you enough for swooping in and making everything perfect. LOVE YOU! Thanks to all the girls who came out, I know it was last minute and a week night and you still came...that means the world to me! xoxoxoxox

Cristina sake bombing

Cristina and Cheryl

Stephanie and Kim

My red velvet cake :)

Me and Jenn
All the lovely ladies


Best glass ever...thanks Cheryl

Naughty gifts...

The amazing Kristen!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

bachelorette blues

As if things weren't stressful enough....I woke up Saturday morning at about 3 am with the worst stomach bug EVER. By 8AM I was miserable enough to wake Matt up and the poor guy spent the next 3 hours listening to me cry, calling the doctor, picking up prescriptions and Gatorade and trying to figure out a way for me to not miss my bachelorette party. I was supposed to drive to Houston Saturday morning and attend my bachelorette party that evening. My sweet amazing future husband decided that he would drive me to Houston and then fly back on Sunday. So he packed up the car, fed me Imodium, anti cramming and nausea meds and off we went. I literally sat in the back seat the whole way with a bucket on my lap. When we stopped at buckees to use the restroom I was so weak that Matt had to practically carry me inside, everyone kept staring at me because I was white as a sheet and in pajamas, then I almost puked (for the millionth time) at the mere smell of his sandwich. After leaving buckees I decided that there was no way I would be able to make my party. I was so bummed but honestly I felt so sick that I didn't have much time to think about the party. Today I feel so much better, I'm still nauseous and can't eat, but I will say that today it has finally set in that I had to cancel my bachelorette party and that part sucks the most. I guess my brother had the best outlook on the situation, he told me that no one gets sick twice in one week so I should be happy that I got it out of the way now instead of on my wedding day, and he also told me that there is no quicker way to lose 5 pounds before your wedding. ha-ha. He cracks me up! Now I am just hoping that Matt doesn't catch my awful bug...please cross your fingers for him, and me.

Friday, March 5, 2010

1 week

Let the countdown begin...we are officially ONE WEEK away from our wedding day! I couldn't be more thrilled! It feels like I am a kid waiting for x-mas morning, I'm all giddy and can't sleep. Tomorrow I am heading to Houston to have my fabulous bachelorette party hosted by the lovely Cara and Kristine. Then the rest of the week I will be finalizing all of my last minute wedding details. Man this week is going to fly by. YAY YAY YAY!

Just for fun here is a sneak peek of my wedding hair...this was from my trial run a few months ago. :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Here are some updates from some of my recent blogs:

-My tooth is indeed chipped, noticeable yes, but not horrible. I have decided not to get it fixed before the wedding. Matt, my Mom, my sister and Kristen have all reassured me that it's not noticeable if you don't look close and def not noticeable when I smile. Although my sweet sister, Laura has offered to pay to get it fixed as a wedding present if I really want it done. Love her <3 I'm not that crazy tho, I can deal with it for now. I will be getting it fixed soon after the wedding when things slow down a bit.

-We have given our final guest count to the venue and gone through all the final details so everything is pretty much done for the wedding. Somehow I survived the RSVP fiasco, no thanks to a certain someone. Erg.

-The weather in Houston is really looking up, and in Dallas too for that matter. As of right now the forecast for our wedding day is highs in the 60s, lows in the mid forties. Not to shabby. Because as you all know I am super OCD I still have 4 patio heaters on stand by just in case. ;)

-We are still under contract for the house 905. So far so good. The inspection went surprisingly well, we were worried about foundation damage because that is so common in Dallas but low and behold there is none, yay. We still have to schedule a slab leak test but I'm confident that will go smoothly as well. The seller's divorce decree will be final on March 20th, then the offer goes to their bank for approval. I have heard that this can take forever, but I was told to harass the bank with phone calls in order to expedite the process....oh I will be a handful for them ;) So as of right now we still have a closing date of April 19th. Man, who knew house buying was so damn complicated?!

-I broke down and called the band yesterday. Byron (the band manager) answered on the first ring and knew exactly who I was the minute I told him my name. As it turns out they just got back from London, apparently they were playing a few shows there over the past 2 weeks. He has received our final payment, agreed to all my crazy "demands" and we are good to go for the wedding. I feel a hundred times better after talking to him. They are defiantly worth the big bucks they ask for.

-Samantha has now tried and LOVED the following foods (all organic and handmade by yours truly): Butternut squash, Carrots, Avocado, Peas, Green beans, Kiwi, Apples, Mango, Sweet Potatoes, and Oatmeal. This week I went baby food making crazy and made the following for her to try in the coming weeks: Zucchini, Acorn Squash, Yellow Squash, Pears, Red Plums, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Rutabaga, Peaches and Beets. In a few months I will start making berries, meats and fishes etc.

-Samantha turns 7 months old on March 8th...can you believe my sweet baby cheeks is already 7 months old!? She is sitting up like a champ but not scooting or crawling yet, she hates tummy time so I predict she scoots on her bottom first then goes right to crawling. Other than that she is the happiest most smiley baby and she cracks me up daily. I'm pretty sure I have the best baby, and the best job ever not to mention the best boss/friend ever.

Again no post is complete without pictures. Here are some cute pictures from this past week. Matt and I have the coolest jobs, he doesn't go in most days till 11ish and the other days he gets off before 4 and I of course get the pleasure of taking Cheeks anywhere and everywhere whenever we please so needless to say the three of us get to spend a lot of time together. This past week Matt came to play with us several days in a row :) FUN! Here are a few pictures of my two favorite people doing what they do best...being adorable. Oh and I can't leave out MY babies Oscar and Bauer, so here is picture of them on the balcony enjoying the beautiful warm Dallas weather.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Single digits

We are getting married in 9 days!!!!!!!!!!!! That's just plain nuts.

On a side note I haven't heard from my band in over 2 months. I have emailed several times in February with no response. At first I wasn't worried but now that we are less than two weeks away I'm starting to wonder what the hell is going on. I'm sure all of you are asking "well, have you called them yet?" the answer is no. Quite honestly I haven't felt like dealing with it. There is something new to "handle" everyday and I just haven't had the energy to pick up the phone and tell them that I am upset etc. Besides can you imagine the heart attack I will have if I can't get ahold of them via phone as well? The phone call has been my back up like "oh it's no big deal they haven't responded to my emails, I can just call em in a few days". If I can't get ahold of them calling I have no freakin clue what to do. I think today is the day I will bite the bullet and pick up that phone. Blahhhhhhh.

Oh, one more thing. I hate that people never rsvp for anything. Kills me. So to those of you reading who were invited to my bachelorette party...it's THIS SATURDAY. Now would be a good time to check yes or no. Thanks ;) And to those of you who were not invited to my bachelorette party, wanna come? It looks like my friends are super flaky and I might need a few fill in girl friends for the night ;O ha ha

Ok I'm done bitching for the day....I swear. Next post will be happier I promise. I actually went on a "girl date" with my new friend here in Dallas, I will have to tell you all about later. Stay tuned.