Monday, August 23, 2010

Party Girl

Baby Cheeks had a wonderful first birthday party! Lots of friends came to play and Samantha had a blast. I Put together the whole party so that all Shannon (Mommy) had to do was enjoy the day with her sweet baby. By the end I was worn out but it was all worth it! Can't wait till next years party...I just hope this year goes by a little slower than the first ;)

Here are some pictures from Samantha's fabulous first birthday party (well one camera's worth anyway). Enjoy!

The banners Great Aunt Sue and Great Aunt Joe made for Samantha

The Patio

Party favors for the kids


Cupcake table


Food table

Sharon, Ayden (Sam's bbf) and Aunt Katie (well me lol)

Mommy, Cousin Porter, Aunt Ashley and Uncle Coyt


Samantha playing with her friends Lucas and Porter

Both of Samantha's Grandpas

Uncle Matt getting ready to make the burgers

Miss Lauren and Aunt Katie

Elizabeth, Mommy and Samantha

Miss Lauren and her family

Porter, Aunt Ashley and Uncle Coyt

Baby Ella!

Samantha and Me

Ayden and Samantha playing together as usual


Grandma with both of her Granddaughters

Some friends playing outside in the backyard

Lisa, Baby Olivia and Brett

Uncle Matt AKA The grill master

Me with Sharon and Ayden again

Party people

Ready for her birthday cupcake!

Daddy, Samantha and Mommy


Samantha getting a bath from her two Grandmas after the party

After the party, me, Matt and Sam's Maternal Grandparents (and mommy of course) stuck around to open presents with Samantha

Grandma and Samantha playing with all the cool new toys

Me and Sam playing with her new shopping cart

Matt teaching Sam how to shoot baskets

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Birthday Cheeks

Samantha is turning ONE tomorrow!!!! I just cannot believe it, it really is true that kids grow to fast. She is such a funny baby, so independent and assertive which I'm sure will not be so cute in a few years ;) She is also the happiest and most smiley baby I have ever met, even when she is upset a smile is never more than seconds away. She is a busy, busy baby, always playing or crawling and of course talking up a storm. Lately she has become very clingy and "stranger danger" is in full effect, she still looooves to talk to random people and flirt but now she is a lot more shy and I cannot dare hand her over to someone else (other than Mommy and Grandma of course). I totally love this, I know it's bad, but she has never been much of a cuddler and she is always on the move so it is sweet when she wants me and only me to hold her (yes I'm selfish I know). Anyway, here are some fun facts about baby (oops I mean big girl) cheeks at age one:

-Weighs in at 19.5 lbs
-Loves her sippy cup and is using it so well.
-Shakes her head no constantly, she doesn't know what it means, but thinks its sooo funny.
-Will pull up on anything, anywhere, anytime.
-Hates walking, so she just doesn't lol
-Loves veggies and anything spicy.
-Eats whatever we eat, and she is not picky at all.
-Addicted to Gerber puffs and baby mum mums.
-Still all cheeks.
-Will have 15 minutes "conversations" with me in the car from her car seat.
-Loves to be sung to, always calms her down, always has.
-Only takes a paci for nap time and bedtime.
-Dropping things to get you pick them up is her new fave game.
-Defiantly knows the word "no" and obey very well.
-Can feed herself, and that's the only way she prefers to eat ;)
-She can now hold her own bottle.
-Hardy ever cries or fusses, and is always smiling and laughing.
-Obsessed with car keys.
-Loves gymboree class.
-Her best friend is Ayden.

I could go on forever :) Samantha is a sweet sweet angel, I love her to pieces and Uncle Matt is just plain head over heels. She is the light of her mommies life and makes her so happy, they are the sweetest little family and I am so honored to be a part of their lives. The past year has been wild and crazy to say the least but I wouldn't change a thing and I am so happy to have gotten the chance to help Samantha grow. Here's to another fabulous year!

Her party is next weekend, a cupcake themed cookout in the backyard with all of her and Mommies friends. I have planned the whole thing and I am so excited to see how it turns out. I am not the most creative person so I went to Etsy for inspiration and here is what I have come up with:

The adorable outfit that Samantha will be wearing, complete with "Sam" bloomers.

These go into each cupcake.

This will hang on the front door.

This is the centerpeice for the food table.

Confetti to e sprinkled on the cake table and food table.

Adorable hats for Samantha and her friends.

These paper balls will be lime green and light pink and will hang from the patio ceiling.

This banner will hang on the patio, and the green will be a brighter green.

These are the favor tags for the goodies bags that Samantha will be giving to her little guests.

I will post party pictures as soon as possible ;)