Monday, March 30, 2009

Casts, Valium and Getting Skinny

First things first...a foot update: After they took off my HUGE surgery cast it was replaced with a normal cast which sounds all fine and dandy except that it was SUPER tight. I'm pretty sure it was all in my head but I just couldn't stand the darn thing! I was truely miserable, it was kind of like claustraphobia, I was even having panic attacks which is something I have never had my whole life. My doctor gave me some valium and sent me back to the cast people for a new, looser cast. I was nervous the entire time my new cast was being put on, I'm pretty sure I almost had a panic attack right in the middle of the application. Anyway, I get my new cast, leave the office, get in my car, and then imediately start to cry...and I cried the whole way home. At that moment I knew it was indeed all in my head. The next day Seva (my doctor and boss) sent me directly back to the cast place and had it removed for good this time. So now I have an aircast boot, which is the most comfortable form of cast EVER. I was supposed to get the air cast on the 6th anyway, so I'm only a week early. I feel so much better, no more anexiety, no more pain and no more visits to the cast people who clearly think I'm insane. The whole ordeal was ridiculous and I am super embarassed but I just couldn't help's funny how the mind works, or doesn't work. haha


My actual reason for blogging today is my recent weight loss mission! Over the past few years, my surgeries have taken quite a toll on my body. I have gained a considerable amount of weight in the past two years...the gaining I can easily blame on surgeries, but the fact that I haven't lost any of the weight is entirely 100 percent my fault. Back in high school I was in such good shape, I could just do a few sit ups and *poof* there goes 5 pounds! My body is not so simple anymore. I have come to the realization that I am going to have to get off my tushie and do some hard core working out...and cut out all of my poor snacking habits :( This is going to be hard ,but I'm ready for the challenge! I'am so tired of being unhappy with my body, plus I have wayyyy to many cute clothes that I can't fit into right now. So I am starting my new life today. No more fast food, no more soda, no more white bread, etc. As for exercise; that might have to wait a little while because of my pesky little foot problem. But for now, I'm going to start walking and maybe do some laying down Pilate's type stuff, anything I can do that doesn't involve my foot. After my foot heals I plan to start running, yes running! I can't wait! In case anyone else is interested in getting in shape here is an amazing FREE website I found:
The website has a calorie counter, meal plans, exercise plans, support groups, you name it. I personally love using the calorie counter, it really helps to see just how bad or good I'm eating.

Another good website is
You can upload a picture of yourself and they will alter it to show you what you would look like at your goal weight....pretty cool stuff, and very motivating!

If anyone is looking for a workout partner, let me know!

Happy Dieting!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


This morning I went in for yet another surgery. This time I had surgery to repair my curved foot and bunion. Just my left foot because I'm only able to take off a week from work. Over the summer I will be having my right foot done as well. The surgery was pretty simple and I was home by 2pm. I have a giant cast on but I can walk on it which is nice. Right now I'm feeling great, I haven't had any pain yet, but that's b/c I was given a numbing shot that is supposed to last about 12 hours, so I'll have to tell you how I'm feeling in a few hours when the shot wears off. Tomorrow Matt has to go back to work so I'll be home alone, hopefully I won't be in too much pain.


I would like to take this opportunity to educate the world (OK like all 5 of you) on the subject of bunions. Contrary to popular belief, bunions are not warts, or growths or anything else gross like that. Bunions are a bump of bone right under your big toe (on the outside of the foot), everyone has a bump to some degree but people with bunions have a large bump, some really large. As you can imagine having a large bump on your foot can make wearing shoes super painful...hence the need to get it removed. In some cases the bone causes your foot and toes to curve outward. This is true for me, actually I don't really have too bad of a bump, but my feet curve pretty bad. Wearing anything but flip flops is pretty much excruciating for me, especially heels, and oddly enough even most flats and sneakers are painful.

Just ask Matt about carrying me 4 blocks back to our hotel in the snow when we were in New York last year. It's not my fault...ya see we were in New York and planned a perfectly romantic dinner at a beautiful Italian restaurant about 5 blocks from our hotel in Manhattan, of course there was no way I was going to wear flats with my amazingly sexy silk white house black market dress, so I threw on the hottest 4 inch stilettos I own and bravely made my way to the restaurant. I barely made it to the restaurant but after sitting down I was fine...the way home was another story, about a block in, it started to rain/snow and there was not a cab in sight (anyone who knows me can tell you that I wouldn't have paid for a cab anyway, for 4 blocks in NYC it's just plain highway robbery) My feet were KILLING me, and we had to walk faster which just wasn't an option. So my sweet sweet boyfriend carried me the rest of the way...gotta love him <3

So this winter I have lived in my Uggs. Best 150 bucks I ever spent, even tho Matt thinks they are hideous and wayyy over priced ha-ha

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Cooking

Look at me! Here I am blogging twice in one week, amazing huh? I found the most amazing website yesterday, and by found I mean my sister told me about it. ha ha. I feel like everyone who likes to cook or is learning to cook needs to go to this website. It's called Basically it is a website that allows you to make your own custom cook book! You can upload your own recipes, use the ones from their website, or both. I think it's so cute and would make a great gift for anyone, especially new brides. I wish I had known about this sooner and I would have made one for Kristen when she got married. I still may ;) Currently I am taking all of my own favorite recipes, and my favorite ones from my Mom and making them into my very own personal cook book. Being the crazy sentimental chick that I am, I already can't wait to pass the book along to my kids one day. I'm also thinking about putting one together for my Mom and sister. Go check it out people!