Friday, September 11, 2009

Top 10 Baby Names

I know that I haven't made a post in FOREVER, I've just been too darn busy. Buuuut, I do still check other blogs and I really enjoy reading them. Its not often that I find a blog post I just have to participate in but this week Meredith's caught my eye. Matt and I picked out baby names years ago, we are kid people to say the least, we wants lots and soon, it's just who we are ;)Here's our list:

1. Brooklyn (Brooke)
2. Peyton
3. Addison
4. Claire or Blaire
5. Paige
6. Harper
7. Kendall
8. Reagan
9. Charlotte
10. Caroline

1. Jackson (Jack)
2. Brady
3. Parker
4. Benjamin (Ben)
5. Matthew
6. Carter
7. Madden
8. Drake
9. Landon
10. Henry (my fave but Matt hates it lol)

And Yes I have middle names pick out already too ;)