Sunday, September 26, 2010

Guess who's preggo?

My life is currently to busy to take the time to make a long post but I do have some exciting news to share with the blog world: (Hope I didn't fool ya with the title hehehe)


My big sister Laura (aka the best sister ever) is pregnant! The baby is due March 14th and they are planning to not find out the sex :) I am beyond happy and excited! I have been begging her to have a baby for years now ha-ha. Im so thrilled to have a baby in the family finally and Iam even more happy that Eric and Laura will get to experience being parents. I am also excited for my parents because I know they will make fantastic grandparents. Matt and I can't wait to spoil our little niece or nephew (I think its going to be a boy btw). That's about it for now ;)

Here are some pictures of the parents to be:

Here are some pictures of me and the mommy to be:

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! xoxoxox

Thursday, September 16, 2010

lazy list and a few pics

I have a million things to post about seeing as we just got back from a week long vacation not to mention how much Samantha has grown this month etc. With that said, I have absolutely no energy to post anything of substance. Instead you are getting a list. Yes a with it, if you're lucky I'll take the time to post a picture ;)

Because it's Thursday and NOT Friday we all need to remember what makes us smile (even if it is only Thursday) Here is what has me cheesin this week:

-I just got back from the Caribbean...nough said'
-My tan is hanging in there with some help from the fine people at Jergens
-Samantha is getting her FIRST tooth
-We finally bought a new couch and it was delivered this's beautiful
-Our house is currently cleaner than it has been since we moved it
-My husband has brought me dessert in bed every night this week, love him
-Today is a 1/2 day, I have to go grocery shopping and finish cleaning tonight but I'll take it
-My parents and my dogs are coming today to stay the weekend
-My puppies will be living with me for 3 weeks while my parents are in China
-This weekend is wine fest, October fest and the balloon fest all within 20 mins of my house
-I get Sam on Fri and Sat this week this means my parents can pretend they have grand kids lol
-The contractor is coming out next week to finish our living room...then comes paint

Ok that's about it for now. I have an equally long list of things that DO NOT make me smile right now but today is a day for positive thinking. So I will be thinking about my list today and when I get a chance I will try to close my eyes and attempt to remember how it feels to be laying on a beach in the Cayman Islands with a fruity drink in my hand....

Here are some vacation sneak peek pictures: