Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Updated Wedding Information

Hello all! For those of you coming to my wedding who actually read this blog ;) We have updated the wedding website with some new information (specifically about the rehearsal dinner and guest information page/tipping). Go check it out!


Monday, January 25, 2010


They accepted our offer on the 509 house!!!!???????? We got the news on Saturday and ever since things have been quite a whirl wind. Matt had 6 friends in Dallas for his bachelor party over the weekend and I was staying with a friend, so it was a little disappointing to not be able to hug each other when we got the news :( But that's ok because we're buying a house?! Crazy, but very very cool. We have inspection scheduled for Thursday and assuming that goes well the house is all ours....well not until closing ;) We aren't closing until April 19th because that's when the current owner's divorce is final, which works perfectly for us because our apartment lease isn't up until the end of April and now we don't have to worry about moving before the wedding. I'm just a little nervous because this seems to be so easy so far, too easy. You know the saying..."Too good to be true" Man I hope the inspection goes well. :/

STILL EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Tonight we made an offer on the 509 house...YAY! Fingers crossed! On a side note, is it a bad omen to buy a house that is owned by people getting a divorce, therefore why they are selling? This makes me sad for them, especially while walking through their house. How sad, a whole house of memories about to be split into two. I will be thinking of them. At the same time, I know whole heartily that this house will be a happy home for us...if we do end up purchasing it. :)

THE house 509

As mentioned before my plate is extremely full right now...but its a good thing I'm hungry ;) We are currently house hunting as well as wedding planning. Buying a house wasn't something that we had really thought about doing until after the wedding, however things rarely go as planned in my life.

Over the weekend the real estate agent took us to see 8 homes in Plano. Some were disappointing, some were do-able and there were a few that were great. Of course there was one that was "perfect"! We'll call the 509 house. This house is in a great neighborhood, way better than most we had look in, yet still in our price range. The schools are great all the way up to Senior High and the square footage is the biggest we have seen. The house has 3 bedrooms, a huge master bedroom and bathroom (also rare). We also love the kitchen, two car garage and the fact that it has a "bonus room". There are a few down sides to the 509 house too, there is almost no landscaping or trees, but that is something we could do ourselves in time. The house is all tile and carpet, I would have preferred hardwood floors and tile but again very fixable in time. One of the back doors has a doggie door, which sounds great for Bauer but our cat Oscar is not allowed outside, EVER (he is declawed and we are good owners), so that door will need to be replaced. The living room is painted a very odd shade of dark blue, but that I will be painting before we move in ;) So personally I think the good totally out weighs the bad :)

We are going back to see the 509 house again this evening. We are also bringing our checkbook and mortgage paperwork...so we'll see what goes down ;) I'm trying not to get too excited or get my hopes up.

Please say a little prayer for Matt and I that we make the right decision and find the right home to raise our family in :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mixon X-mas

Matt and enjoying some coffee on x-mas morning

The Mixon boys playing with their new toy

Geoff opening gifts

Bauer being cute

Oscar playing with the bows

Matt opening gifts

Me opening gifts

Matt's Dad opening gifts

Matt's Mom opening gifts

Matt's retro stocking

My stocking-that used to me Matts lol

Our little kitten meeting fat cat

Ellis X-mas

Getting ready to set up our new tent from my brother and sis is law


Setting the tent up

Our new tent! Ready to camp!

Matt and Dad at x-mas dinner

Mmm the feast...Bonnie thinks so too!

Matt playing with his new tool set

Mom and Dad opening presents...Bonnie is helping

Me opening gifts...please excuse the pjs

Matt opening gifts
Mom testing out her new set of irons


WOW, where have I been? Wedding planning my friends, wedding planning. Well of course I have been doing a million other things as well but to explain my LONG blogging absence all I have to do is point to March 12th. However this post is NOT about my wedding, I'm kind of burnt out on that subject to be perfectly honest...but more about that later.

This post is duh, about Christmas, only an entire month late ;) Matt was finally off work for a holiday so we packed up the car with presents and our fur babies and headed to the good old land of Sugar. We had a great time but I must say that shuffling back and forth between our families was tiresome and ruined the experience a little. We have decided to do something totally different next year, and even more different when we have kiddos. Its just to hard to say goodbye to one family in the middle of the day and then say goodbye to next in the evening etc. While in town we got some great presents of course, lots of stuff for camping which is exciting and a large chunk of money to put into our house fund. Still, I always enjoy giving presents more than receiving them. I have always been a person who loves to search for the perfect gift, I absolutely hate buying things for people off of their "list". I pride myself in knowing my love ones so well that I can find the perfect gift on my own....I hope they would agree ha-ha. The only other Christmas news is poor little Oscar was declawed over the holidays, he did great but I was sooooo nervous. I was mostly scared that he would hate us forever afterward, but judging by the purring little ball of grey fur cuddling next to me as I type...he forgive me ;)

I will post pictures in my next post...for some reason my laptop hates me to post pictures so I have to find ways around it's madness.

Before Christmas eve service. Please ignore my shiny face, this was post moisturizer and pre-makeup, but I still liked the picture ha-ha