Tuesday, April 6, 2010


AHHHHHHH our wedding video is here! Well thats kind of a lie, it came 3 weeks ago but Im that behind on things. Everyone LOVES the video, our videographer did an AMAZING job...I wish I could post it on here to show you all. Please please please come visit us in Dallas, and we can have a viewing party. As my friend Sharon suggested, we can even make a drinking game out of it, every time our beyond awful officiant makes a rude comment, take a drink HA-HA Thats another story, clearly ;)

Rehearsal and Dinner

Im back! It took me a few weeks post wedding to get back to a functioning level of organization. Sorry about that, but now I am back and ready to blog. I still have about 1/2 of my thank you notes left to write, but other than that I am ready to get back to my life.

Here are some fabulous photos from our rehearsal at the Courtyard and our rehearsal dinner BBQ held at Matt's aunt/cousin's home. Enjoy!

Daddy being Daddy

Our ushers Eric, Dave and Richard and wedding planning to the stars ;) , Miss Terry

Everyone getting situated

My lovely bridesmaids, Kristine, Cara, Laura and Kristen

The most adorable flower girl and ring bearer ever, Sammie and Basil

My brother Tim escorting my hot Momma down the asile

Matt and his groomsmen, Geoff, Tyler, Jason and Tim (yes that would be MY brother in the bow tie...awesome)

Sam and big B

Sammie being cute as usual

Basil and Mr Matt

The happy couple, practicing

My fave picture of the night, Kristen and Geoff...this is how they really feel? lol

3 of my most fave people in the world...where are Dad and I for this one?

Mom and I will Yai Yai and Papou!

My sisters

Miss Samantha made the trip all the way from Dallas

Matt and his little brother

Another fave picture of mine, me and Mrs Terry having a moment <3

Me with my two fave teachers, Cara and Kristine

Matt and I with baby cheeks of course


Opening gifts with my parents :)

What a wonderful night that was. Wedding pictures to come next!!