Monday, June 29, 2009

Wedding Website

After spending several evenings trying to figure out how exactly to make my own website, I have finally done it. Our wedding website is officially up and running! There are a few items missing because we are still busy planning but most of the important information is there for everyone to see. I will be posting the rehearsal dinner information and our registry links as soon as we get the plans made. Now remember when you are looking at the website that I am not very tech savvy, nor does the website have spell check ha-ha. I had Matt proof read it all but you never know when a misspelling or grammar mistake will slip by ya. ;) Enjoy!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun At The Zoo!

I have a friend Kasey who is also a nanny for some cute kiddos and we finally got the chance to have a play date. On Friday Sammie and I met Kasey, Bella (18 months) and Truman (7 months) at the zoo! Even though we went as early as possible it was still so hot that we didn't end up staying too long. The kids had a great time and it was so nice to be able to talk to another adult for a few hours during the day. Seva had just bought Sam a new hat and we weren't sure she would go for it but sure enough she loved her cute little hat and wore it all day at the zoo....good thing to because that sun was hot. Here are some adorable pictures from our fun play date at the zoo:

Before it got too hot

Sammie, Bella and Kasey at the fishy tank

"Stop taking my picture ka!"

Cute girls

My Sammie Sam

Bella AKA: Cheeks

Me and Sam petting the goats (nice camera work Kasey)
Overall an awesome Friday!
The weekend that followed was boring and uneventful. Geoff (Matt's brother) went to visit Matt in Dallas so I paid a visit to the future in laws on Saturday for fathers day. On Sunday I laid around the pool with my Mom and Dad and just enjoyed Fathers day with my Daddy. <3>

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Keeping Busy

Its been a while since I've posted any thing so I figured we were due for an update.

Over memorial day weekend Matt and I moved to Dallas! Well, Matt is really the one who moved, we moved all of my stuff but I won't physically be moving there until August. We ended up getting a two bedroom apartment in the Village area (right next to SMU). The area is really pretty and full of young people so we should have a good time. The apartment itself is perfect, lots of space and a great view over looking the pool, I just wish we had a bigger kitchen. We decided on the two bedroom so that our friends and family can come visit, so please if your ever in Dallas come stay with us! I'm hoping my parents will be making the trip at least monthly, we all know how close I am with my parents, especially my mom, I don't know what I'm going to do without her :( At least I have until August to enjoy my mother daughter time.

Since Matt has been in Dallas for the past month I have been trying to keep busy, successfully I might add. I pretty much have our entire wedding planned, no joke. I'm starting to feel like the wedding will be planned by august and I'll have nothing to do but wait for 7 months to pass. Which brings me to my next topic.... We picked a date! March 12th 2010! Not to cold and not to hot, and all of the flowers will be blooming. The ceremony and reception will be a The Courtyard on St. James Place, in the galleria area. I'm in love with the venue, it's just plain gorgeous and everything I wanted. The ceremony will be outside on the patio/garden and then the reception will be in the grand ball room. The one thing that Matt had to have for the wedding was a live band, and I didn't argue one bit. I love DJ's but no one has a a live band anymore and the one at my brother's wedding was a big hit. We booked a band called The Pictures, when Matt was working for the Rockets they played at the Rockets Christmas party and we LOVED them. The lead singer is amazing and I shit you not sounds just like Micheal Jackson when they do "Billy Jean". Can you tell I'm excited? We also booked our baker, the same one who made my sister's cake which as many of you remember was AWESOME. My mom and I also chose to go with the same florist my sister used. I'm not much of a name dropper (especially when we're talking Republicans) but apparently she is the "preferred florist" for the Bush family ha-ha. I'm sure this means my flowers will be wayyyy over priced and I'm not looking forward to that but at least I know they will be beautiful. I have also booked a videographer and ceremony music. Just need to decided exactly what kind of ceremony music I want. I have narrowed it down to 4 options, string quartet, string trio, solo harpist, or harp with violin...any thoughts? I still need a photographer and hair/makeup artist and I think that's about it. I have picked out a bridesmaid dress but I still have one last "maid" who hasn't tried it on yet, and I would hate to make a decision before she gets a say, so that will be soon. Oh and one last little wedding tidbit, I BOUGHT MY DRESS! As many of you know I had picked out a dress a few weeks ago, it's was beautiful but very plain so I was having second thoughts. I decided to go out and look at just one more place, my mom found this adorable little wedding dress boutique in Old Town Spring so we drove out there to check it out. Sure enough they had the PERFECT dress for me. I fell in love with the dress and bought it on the spot. I also ended up buying my vail too b/c I loved the one I was trying on with it. I did good :) The dress is made by Impressions Couture. It's very similar to the original dress but better, just a little more sparkle and a little more bridal. Still nothing fru fru for me, we all know that. If anyone wants to see a picture of it e-mail me and I'll send ya some. Told ya Ive been keeping busy ;)

Sammie is doing good, just being her adorable self as usual. She is talking up a storm these days and is pretty much fully potty trained (a huge pat on the back to myself for that one). I can't believe how big she is, its finally setting in just how much I'm going to miss her :( Basil is doing well too, he is in basketball and Lego camp for the first part of the summer and he is loving it! I pick him up at 4 everyday and he falls asleep in the car with cheerios in his hand every time, too cute. I can't believe he is about to be a first grader!!! He is missing Mr Matt almost as much as I am, he wrote Matt a letter the other day saying that he loves him so much, he also wrote "I hope you are not lonely in Dallas with no people". Seva and I both teared up when we read his letter, what a sweet little boy. I'm gonna miss him terribly.

Oh and Sammie and I will be braving the Houston heat and taking a trip to the zoo tomorrow. I'm sure I'll have some cute pictures to follow.


P.S. I'll be posting some photos soon, I have to wait until I get my new laptop up and running!