Monday, April 27, 2009

THE job

No word yet on the Dallas job. :( Matt has heard several things about it from people at his office who know people at the Mavs. Everything they are saying is good, no one wants to say that he has the job exactly, but "things look good" for Matt. I have no idea why this needs to be such a long drawn out process. Just tell him yes or no already. My mom is making me nervous b/c she swears they should have called by now if it was good news. Thanks Debbie downer! I on the other hand think that it's just b/c the Mavs are in the playoffs so they are a little busy right now ya know? You know me, ever the optimist. I'll let you know how that works out for me ;) Hopefully I'll have some good news to share in the near future.

P.S. I just had to add that as I am writing this Sam is walking around the room talking to her stuffed puppy (which is acutally a bear) She is laughing at him and telling him she loves him....too freaking cute!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


First of all, I haven't lost any weight yet. Big surprise huh? I must say, it's not entirely my fault, the past few weeks have been crazy busy and generally comes along with busy and eating too much generally comes along with stress. So you know I'm not lying, here is a recap of the past few weeks:

On the 8th Matt and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary! I couldn't be more happy, Matt is truly my perfect match and the past 2 years have been wonderful. I would love to go on and on about how much I love him but no one wants to hear that mushy stuff and plus I'm a little weird about telling the world my personal feelings about my relationship. Its a little embarrassing to talk about how in love we are, but if you know me you know just how smitten I am ;) Anyway.... Matt had to work a concert late on the actual day so we met at midnight at Ihop for a late night dessert, it may not sound romantic but funny enough it was. We had some really fun times eating there in the middle of the night when we first started dating, so it was kind of like reliving our crazy in love all nighter days. Over the weekend we celebrated "for real" ha-ha. We spent the day in Kemah, which was amazing. I haven't been there since I first moved to Texas and boy things have changed in 8 years. Kemah is like a full on amusement park now, we rode rides, shopped, played games and had an amazing dinner on the water at Landry's. Funny Story: Right before we left we rode the Farris wheel, it was right at sunset and it couldn't have been more romantic. Matt kept starring at me, and saying some VERY sweet things...I started to wonder if he was going to propose on the damn gondola, no really, I was super nervous and started to sweat. It's not that I wouldn't love a Farris wheel proposal, or a proposal in general, it's just that we have been talking about it so long and I have no idea when it will happen (he's big on surprises), so I suppose it still seems unreal that I could be engaged soon. I think I'll really freak out when it finally happens. Needless to say, there was no freaking out in the gondola, just a little butterflies. Butterflies aside, we had a GREAT anniversary, one I'll never forget. It was the perfect day.

On Easter my parents and I went to a shrimp boil at Matt's Aunt Marie's house. We don't have any family in Texas so it was really sweet of Matt's family to invite us. Our parents have met several times, but my parents have never met the whole family so this was a first. Everyone had a great time, but I must say it was a little nerve racking having both families in one location. I felt like I had to entertain everyone and make sure that everyone was getting along and happy. Luckily Matt's family is super sweet and of course my parents get along with everyone, they are always making friends where ever they go. Jerry (Matt's cousin) cooked some awesome shrimp and all the ladies made yummy salads and desserts. The day was a success! Oh and I made my famous Kahlua cake which was a big hit, its the best cake you will ever have, I promise. If your interested let me know and I'll email you the recipe, trust me you won't be let down.

Next up...THE DALLAS JOB: Soooooo on Monday Matt got a call from the Dallas Mavericks!!! He had sent his resume to them about 3 weeks ago and immediately had 2 phone interviews. After that he had kind of written them off because it had been a couple weeks with no word. As it turns out they were interested after all, they called Monday and said they wanted to fly him in for an interview! AND, not only did they want to interview him, they also wanted him to work an event with them. Ironically enough the event was the Mavericks game, against the Rockets! ha ha (he currently works for the Rockets) They flew him in on Wednesday morning, he stayed all day and for the whole game and then flew back to Houston this morning (Thursday). This was Matt's first "business trip" and I was super excited for him! I have a great feeling about this one!!!!! To answers every one's number one question: If he gets the job, YES I WILL be moving to Dallas with him. I'm not thrilled about leaving my parents, or the kids, but I would love the chance to explore a new city and make new friends. Also, we could never be apart, we are always together and distance would be way to hard for us. Plus, the job itself is perfect for him, exactly what he has been looking for, and I know he would be so happy and great at the job. So everyone please keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer for Matt. P.S. I've never even been to Dallas...any thoughts on the city?

Last but not least, this week with Sam and Basil has been crazy! This weekend is Greek Easter. For those of you who don't know, Eastern Orthodox (or Greek Orthodox) Easter can be anywhere up to 4 weeks different. Itha (Grandma) is in town to visit for Easter and have some medical tests done so I have been trying to accommodate her as well as our busy schedule. Also, there have been several masses this week in addition to our normal baby gym, karate and such. So instead of our normal routine, we have been taking naps at different times and eating at different times etc, and we all know how well toddlers deal with schedule changes. Ugh. However we are surviving, and super excited for the Easter Bunny to come! I have had the kid's Easter baskets ready for weeks, that's how excited I am!. I can't wait! In addition to the excitement of Easter, lately Basil has been obsessed with his new BFF, Mr Matt. Bas looks up to him so much and is constantly asking when he's coming over to play basketball, he even tells his friends all about him. Last week he told his Mom that he thinks Mr Matt is taller than Yao Ming! Cute huh? What am I? Chopped liver? Ha-Ha ;)

So, that my friends is why I am still fat....too much good food...two sets of Easter candy....and stress galore.

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Easter! Peace out! ;)

P.S. I'm at work right now, and all my pictures are on my laptop at home. Later tonight I'll post some Kemah pictures, and some Easter ones after I take em.