Monday, December 20, 2010

Goodbye Blogging

I think that I am officially done blogging. I really enjoy reading other people's blogs but I just don't think that writing one myself is really "my thing". To me the blogging world seems to be separated into 4 categories... 1. The funny, witty and honest blogger who says the most un PC things and really tells it like it is while cracking you up. Love this blogger. 2. The super creative blogger who always has a great new craft idea or fabulous home decorating tip. I love reading these blogs but I get super envious and bitter b/c I am far from creative. 3. The oh so annoying braggers. These are the bloggers who are constantly bragging about how perfect their children, husbands, homes, clothes, lives in general are and think that "being honest" about their lives means they occasionally post a no makeup picture of themselves. It's obnoxious. And finally there are the bloggers like my self...number 4. The bloggers who are really trying but their lives are just kind of boring. They either have no kids to post about or they are just no good at Witty banter, crafting, bragging or blogging in general. As I mentioned I fall into the boring blogger category and I'm positive that I will never fit into any other category.

So with that said I will no longer be blogging. If you are a friend of mine in real life you can find me on face book. I love posting photos so as always I will be overloading my face book page with them. I still plan to stay in the blogger world by keeping up with the 10 or so blogs I have been following for the past year...most of you follow mine (or occasionally read mine lol) so you know who you are ;) I love reading yours so please keep em coming!

Just for fun here is a bullet list on why I am not the "blogger type":

I do not have a child.
I am not pregnant.
My wedding and the planning for it is over.
I do not know how to use a glue gun, sewing machine, or scrap booking scissors.
I am way to opinionated.
I am not perfect, and no one would buy it if I tried to act like I was.
I do not buy designer clothes or search the internet for them (but I wish I could)
My house is old, and small and needs quite a bit of work (well less now than before).
I have no decorating skills, seriously I'm lucky if I can pick out sheets to match my comforter.
I do not like cupcakes...or cake in general.
I cook but not gourmet, I mean I cook spaghetti or baked chicken but nothing fancy.
No one wants to see pictures of my dog and cat, even if they are super cute.
I do not like Toms shoes, they are ugly. But I do love that they support a great cause.
I do not like most trends like this ^^^^^ that everyone else loves.
I live in uggs, yoga pants and no makeup.
My idea of a vacation these days is a trip to Philly or a cheap cruise...nothing fancy for the Mixons.
My furniture comes from places like Rooms To Go, not boutiques or Pottery Barn.
Sometimes I am skinny-ish (before vacation), but mostly I'm kinda chubby, no one needs to hear about that.
I really don't have a good sense of one would look to me for tips that's for sure.
My family is awesome, but loud and crazy and drinks a lot.
Ok I drink a lot too...I may or may not be a wine-o.

I'm pretty sure that's enough to put me in the running for the worst blogger of the year award? Ha!



  1. How are you going to deuce out on that note?! Easily the best/most amusing post you've ever written!

    I am all of those things too, and then some (there's not "may or may not" when referring to me as a wine-o.) At least post occasionally when something crazy DOES happen, like the inevitable trip to visit your bestie. :) LOVE YOU!

  2. Funny!!! I think I fall into the boring category as well, which is why I do more reading than blogging.

  3. Yeah I do the reading and not the blogging cause I fall into the 4th category as well... anywho... see you on FB and in person in 4 days!

  4. I think that was one of the funniest and most honest post I've ever read. LOVE IT! (and I also think Tom's are the ugliest things ever) You HAVE to post when your house is done at least!!! You can't just leave us hanging. I'm pretty sure we're friends on fb so at least post pix there. According to this post we should be bffs. :-)

  5. OK I saw on FB about this post but just now catching up blogs, you are too hilarious! Love your honesty and ALWAYS have!

    I am DEF in the #4 category with you!!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with all your family there!!!

  6. Ha ha!! Oh snap I wonder which category I fall in! :-) Lol

    Pssst I am letting all of my google followers know that I changed my domain to Please update your reader if needed :-) Thanks hun!!!