Tuesday, November 9, 2010

a cheeky halloween

Yes it is November. Yes it's only a few days until Thanksgiving. Yes I am just now posting about Halloween. Sue me.

Baby cheeks went as a bumblebee, mainly because my favorite costume of all time was my bumblebee costume circa 1987. My mom was so tickled to see the pictures, but maintains that I was still the cutest bumble bee she's ever seen...we'll see how her story changes once she has grand kids ;) Sam and I went to all sorts of fun Halloween play dates and parties and so did Mommy and Sam, then we all went trick or treating to finish off the Halloween week!

The last photos are from "Miss Katie's" adult Halloween. Matt, Liz (our sister wife ha!) and I went out to "gay Halloween" in Dallas. There is a huge block party and parade in Oak Lawn every year, it was amazing people watching and further confirmed my love of gay people. We met up with Liz's friend Jon and a few others and somehow ended up at Dragon Fly. How you start out a evening at a gay parade (dressed as a gorilla, devil, cat and wrestler) and end up at the Hotel ZaZa is beyond me, but we had a great time!

Sorry for the photo overload!

Halloween Party at KinderMusic:

Neighborhood costume party with Mommy:

Arboretum pumpkin patch play date:

Halloween night trick or treating with family and friends:

Finally a bath and ready for bed after a fun halloween week!:

Annnd commence Adult Halloween:

Yes my husband was in a giant gorilla suit...he makes my life fun, what can I say?


  1. I wonder if people who don't know you "personally" think that Sam is your baby?

    Goodness she is cute!!!

    YAY for you blogging!